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Research and Development

In order to produce and market medicines that benefit society

Mebiopharm is conducting research and development in conjunction with universities and researchers all over the world in order to seek out and patent technologies and the seeds of new development. Based on those patents, we are able to activate a broad international network of researchers, pressing forward with work on preclinical trials and clinical development.

Our core technology consists of the application of liposome to DDS for the purposes of developing new drugs. We are working day and night to bring our anticancer liposome technology to actual medical treatment as soon and effectively as possible.


Research and development with the world market in mind

The research and development department at Mebiopharm conducts research into new medicines with a view to bringing our medicines to actual medical practice as soon as possible. By optimizing the networks of our U.S. branch office, numerous partnerships with companies in Canada, Europe and elsewhere, as well as our partnerships with researchers, we are always moving forward with research centering on clinical development.@



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